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Eight Villages: Amparo, Escondido, Yawarani, Matrinxã, Mawa Yuxi, Mutum, Sete Estrela and Tiburcio

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The planet is a large living organism

The planet is a large living organism

and the Amazon Forest is an important part of that system. In the heart of the Forest, the Yawanawa People live in an area of approximately 200 thousand hectares protected over generations. There are 8 villages with more than 1,200 people.

One of the most important sources of income for the Yawanawa people is based on the exchange of knowledge – they have always been open to receiving visitors who can not only learn more about this culture, but can also experience life in the Forest and all this interrelationship of care and preservation.

This sustainability format was changed because of the new Coronavirus – it was necessary to withdraw, they no longer received visits and, without the visits, the source of income for these families disappeared.

It is time to return all this care for the Forest, time to guarantee the preservation of Yawanawa life and culture.

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