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The Xiñaya Campaign was started on May 18, 2020 with the main objective of helping the Yawanawa People, inhabitant and guardian of the Amazon Rainforest, which is greatly threatened by the pandemic of the new Coronavirus. At this time the whole world suffers in some way from this pandemic, but some territories will be more impacted. We know about the huge social differences that exist in Brazil and the vulnerability of the populations living in large urban centers, but have you thought about how this will impact indigenous communities?

Over the years, the Amazon Rainforest has been tremendously vilified and indigenous communities have been victims of actions that have caused a cruel change in their habits, as decreased hunting, fishing and the contamination of large watercourses have directly affected them, causing them to live more intensely with urban communities. If on the one hand the indigenous populations were driven to consume more industrialized products, common in cities, on the other the cities and their inhabitants were not prepared to meet a demand that could provide goods and services and welcome indigenous cultures, respecting them and not exterminating them. Indigenous communities have also suffered greatly from this contact in relation to the health of their peoples – there are a number of diseases that have always hit the villages – yet diarrhea is still dying in Brazil. 

Currently, a change is needed in this paradigm of coexistence – the impact of Covid-19 can be irremediable for indigenous peoples who need to collect, isolate themselves and reduce dependence on cities and ensure life. It’s not a simple process, but it’s a process that needs to be started. 

The Yawanawa, throughout their history, have been hit by various external actions, through those who imposed their religion, a new way of life and destroyed a millennial tradition, and yet they always resisted… now they are haunted by this virus. They know they need to isolate themselves, that surviving depends on it, but how do you keep approximately 1250 people isolated, safe while ensuring a minimum structure for food and health? 

When we think of the Campaign, we think about what would be the minimum necessary to ensure the survival of these people, how to make this structural change so that urban dependence is reduced. 

There are 8 villages, in a territory of almost 200,000 hectares, in the middle of the Amazon Forest – what is the cost to ensure a minimum structure for these people?

In this sense, we separate the Campaign by goals and each of them aims to enable an action:


Goal 1 – Basic products: food and medicine.

Goal 2 – Equipment, products and materials that make it possible to reduce the need for industrialized products and strengthen family farming.

Goal 3 – Fuel, equipment and materials to strengthen the protection of the territory and defense of the Amazon Forest.

For each goal, a minimum value was established, which will enable the proposed actions to be carried out:

Goal 1 – 120 thousand reais

Goal 2 – 80 thousand reais

Goal 3 – 80 thousand reais

The campaign will last a month, 30 days of great effort, days when small contributions will be counted in lives. 

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